Before you enter a ticket, often a Restart will fix the issue. If not, find the computer name before you enter a ticket, it will begin with building initials, for example NMS-ES18-01-L. The computer name should be on a white sticker on the side of the tower or bottom of the laptop. Please include the computer name and what you tried - restarting, etc in the ticket.

TAC Login, please read this

Attention eSchoolPLUS users,

eSchoolPLUS has been upgraded to Version 4.1 and rolled to the 2018-2019 School Year. You may access the system with this link: eSchoolPLUS 4.1. We will also be updating the Online Resources page.

This new version allows you to use the internet browser of your choice. You are no longer limited to using Internet Explorer.

Login Instructions:

Your username is what you have always used before but prefixed with the letters “cou.” For example, couJDoe

Your password has been reset and was sent to you in email early August. If you are unable to login, please enter a Sherpa ticket. Thank you!