Before you enter a ticket, often a computer shut down and restart will fix the issue. If not, find the computer name before you enter a ticket, it will begin with building initials, for example NMS-A10-01-D. The computer name should be on a white sticker on the side of the tower. Please include the computer name and what you tried - shutting down, restarting, etc in the ticket.

How to change students passwords

You have the ability to change any students password using a program in the PasswordChg folder on the ā€œLā€ Drive. Here's how to use it:

1) On the L drive, in the PasswordChg folder, double-click StudentPwds2014-15.mdb (ignore that it says 2014-15 - it works every year). If there are two StudentPwds2014-15 files and one doesn't open, cancel it and try the other.

2) Look at the top banner, IF there is a gold SECURITY WARNING, then Click the "Enable Content" box. Also Click YES to "Do you want to make this file a Trusted Document?"

3) Select your school on the left.

4) Enter the students number, click search.

5) Double-click the student to initiate the password change.

IMPORTANT NOTES: CHROMEBOOKS will not know the new password until after 10pm the day you change their password. and STUDENTS cannot reset or change their password for 24 hours after you change their password.

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