Before you enter a ticket, often a Restart will fix the issue. If not, find the computer name before you enter a ticket, it will begin with building initials, for example NMS-ES18-01-L. The computer name should be on a white sticker on the side of the tower or bottom of the laptop. Please include the computer name and what you tried - restarting, etc in the ticket.

*UPDATED* How to change student passwords

You have the ability to change any students password using a program in the PasswordChangeStudents folder on the “L” Drive. Here's how to use it:

Start in the L: drive, here is how to find the L drive:


Scroll down to the folder named PasswordChangeStudents and double click it to open


Double click Password Change for Students


**IF YOU GET AN ERROR AND DO NOT SEE THE BOX BELOW, please stop and enter a Sherpa ticket saying that the Password Change software does not run for you.**

Click the Lookup button to find a student by name….


Start by typing in either the last name (Surname) or first name (Forename) in the appropriate box below and you will see names populating in the box below.



Double click the name of the student whose password you want to change and the first box you saw will pop up again with the student ID in the Username box. Type the new password in the New Password box and type again in the Confirm Password box. Then click the Change Password button.


You will get this confirmation box. You then click No if you are done or Yes if you have another password to change.